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Office Informaition


Nice to meet you.

My name is Shinichiro Inoue, a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist

(Certified Visa Specialist) with an office in Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City.

At my office, I provide support for foreign customers to live in Japan with peace of mind, such as obtaining work visas, management and employment of foreigners, various statuses of residence such as permanent resident visas, and naturalization applications.
Visa Application Page

Currently, as a member of the business promotion department of the Kumamoto Prefecture Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Association, I'm also engaged in the activities of the Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Association.


Various problems arise in the lives of customers and in business activities. At that time, even a little bit of expert advice may solve the problem more smoothly.

Administrative scriveners are familiar lawyers in the city. As an administrative scrivener, I will do my best to help you solve the problem.


In order for foreigners to stay in Japan, strict restrictions are imposed by various laws, including the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act. We believe that we can help you meet your needs because we are specialist administrative scriveners who are familiar with the laws related to foreigners.

I studied International Law (especially International Human Rights Law) and have a Master of Laws degree.

I aiso have experience working in other professional offices such as a judicial scrivener office and a social insurance and labor consultant office, and I will support customers with advice and networks based on a wide range of knowledge.

I also have experience supporting the establishment of companies, NPO corporations and the creation of notarized wills, so please feel free to leave it to us.​Incorporation PageWill/Inheritance Page

I provide administrative scrivener services in general, such as acting on behalf of other administrative procedures, so please feel free to contact us.

(For details of the business, please see the "Handling business" page.)

My motto is kindness and promptness.I would like to be the most reliable partner in that you can feel free to consult with.So,please feel free to contact us via email or the inquiry form on our website.

Thank you very much.

​Office Policy

・I strive to provide detailed explanations, accurate and speedy work.

・I think about things from the customer's point of view, and try to keep in touch with customers about the progress status frequently so as not to make them feel uneasy.

・I will continue to do our best to support our customers so that they can trust us with peace of mind.

​Privacy Policy

My office has established a basic policy for the personal information of our customers and protects personal information in accordance with the following.

<Acquisition of personal information>

My office acquires personal information to the extent necessary for business and by appropriate and fair means.

<Purpose of use>

・My office will use the acquired personal information to the extent necessary to carry out administrative scrivener business.

・My office will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use without obtaining the client's consent.


<Disclosure and provision to third parties>

My office manages personal information appropriately and, in principle, does not disclose or provide it to third parties. However, I will disclose and provide personal information in the following cases.

①When there is consent of the client

②When my office discloses to a contractor to which I outsource work in order to provide the service desired by the client

③When it is necessary to disclose personal information based on laws and regulations

<Safety management>

My office will take appropriate safety management measures for personal information of clients and strive to prevent risks such as loss, falsification and leakage.


At  my office, I do not divulge any secrets that we have learned about matters handled in the course of our business without justifiable reasons.


Regarding the content and information on this website, I will make every effort to post correct information as much as possible, but there is a possibility that incorrect information may enter or the information may become outdated.

My office is not responsible for any damages caused by the content posted on this website.

In addition, if you move from this website to another site through a link or banner, etc., my office will not be held responsible for any information or services provided on that site.

Administrative Scrivener Shinichiro Inoue Office

​Member of Kumamoto Administrative Scrivener Association

Member of Chamber  Commerce 

Qualified Invoice Issuer:T2810842197926

Administrative scrivener Shinichiro Inoue Office


2-9-4 Hakusan, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto City

Office: 096-366-8820

Cell phone:090-2964-2844


※I am often out of the office, so if I am out of the office, please send me an email (inquiry form) or answering machine with your "request", "name", and "contact information (telephone number)". ,I will call you back.

◎Business hours

9:00~19:00(Monday to Friday)


Regular holidays (Sundays and Public holidays)

※If you contact us in advance, we will respond outside the above hours and on Sundays and holidays, so please feel free to contact us.

​We accept e-mails 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but please note that replies will be made during the above business hours.(I try to reply by the next day at the latest.)

◎Access (with parking lot)

<JR>1 minute walk from

Shin-Suizenji Station​

<Kumamoto City Tram>

2 minutes from Shin-Suizenji station


2 minutes walk from Suizenji Ekidori bus stop

Near Immigration Bureau Kumamoto Branch Office.

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