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customer's voice

We would like to introduce some of the voices of our customers.

Please refer to them who are considering a request to our office.


permanent residence 


Customer of Chinese nationality

I applied for a permanent residence permit myself, but it was rejected. I didn't know why I was denied permission, so I asked Inoue-san to accompany me to the immigration office. After hearing the reason for the refusal and clarifying my concerns, I was able to reapply. I will have to wait for a while before reapplying, but please support me when I reapply.

Company establishment support (creation of articles of incorporation)


Although the period until the desired date of establishment was short, the process from meeting to creation was speedy, so I was able to take the time to prepare for the registration application myself.

Thank you for creating the Articles of Incorporation with a view to the projects I would like to work on after the establishment.



Customer of Bangladesh nationality

I contacted several offices, but Inoue-san was the easiest to talk to. As Inoue-san said, even if I apply now, I won't be able to get permission. I would like to ask for your support when I can apply.

Notarized will preparation

Mrs. M

I urgently requested the creation of a notarized will. Thank you very much for your prompt hearing, research, and preparation of the draft.​


Change of status of residence

Customer of Chinese nationality

It was a difficult matter to change the status of residence to a specific activity visa, but thank you for your sincere response.

Subsidy application


When I called Mr. Inoue, he was very polite and gently, so I made a decision immediately.​

The support after the request was kind and I was able to receive it smoothly.


Establishment of NPO


NIt was a series of detailed work until it was certified as an NPO corporation, but I was very grateful for your help, including communication with the government office.


Subsidy application


I was hesitant to ask Mr. Inoue because he didn't have a picture of his face on his website.

But,he was very calm when I met him.

I  hope Mr. Inoue to post the photo on his website!


Dependent Visa

Customer of Malaysia nationality

Thank you for your support regarding dependent visa application!

You are my friend in Kumamoto!

Subsidy application


I only asked for confirmation of the application qualifications for the business revival support fund, but thank you for teaching me various points such as points for the application procedure after that and additional benefits from Kumamoto Prefecture.

Thanks to your advice, the application process went smoothly, and I was able to receive the additional benefits without any problems!

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