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Spouse visa・International marriage

A spouse visa is a status of residence given to foreigners who are legally married and wish to live in Japan.

With this visa, there are no activity restrictions, so you can work freely.

Due to the problem of fake marriages, the examination of spouse visas is very strict, and in order to apply, you have to submit a lot of documents that prove the relationship and situation of you.

Therefore, it is necessary to ask about your private matters in detail, such as how you met, how you started dating, and how you got married.

Due to the severity of the examination, it is not always possible to get permission even if it is a genuine marriage.

Once disapproved, the re-examination will be more severe.

If there is an age difference, if the dating period is short, if there is a lot of divorce history, or if there is a suspicion of a fake marriage due to how you got to know each other, it is better to receive professional support in advance.


It is not possible to obtain a status of residence illegally. In some cases, we may refuse your request if we decide to do so.

Regarding the application for status of residence, it may be rejected due to the examination. Therefore, we cannot guarantee permission. We will reapply for the reason of refusal.

Our office will proceed with the work after meeting the applicant directly and listening to the story. Please note that we do not accept requests from third parties.

Our office provides support for permanent residence visa applications at reasonable prices. We also offer free initial consultations, so please feel free to contact us.

If you would like to make a reservation for a consultation or have any questions, please use this contact form. ​


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