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The work visa (Highly Skilled Professional No. 1) that we recently applied for for a Taiwanese employee to join our client company has been approved.

After applying, there were no inquiries from the immigration office regarding the contents of the application or instructions to submit additional documents.

The examination proceeded smoothly, and the employee's status of residence was successfully approved approximately two weeks after the application was submitted.


I hope that he will be able to fully utilize his experience working at a semiconductor company in Taiwan and play an active role in Japan as TSMC expands into Kumamoto.



My office supports foreigners in applying for certification of status of residence to the immigration office (Immigration Bureau of Japan), and in changing or renewing the status of residence of foreigners already residing in Japan.

If you have any problems with the Kumamoto Immigration Bureau (Fukuoka Immigration Bureau Kumamoto Branch Office), various residence status application procedures such as work visas, spouse visas, permanent residence permits, naturalization applications, and employment of foreigners, please consult us for the first time. is free of charge, so please feel free to contact us.



行政書士 井上慎一郎事務所



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