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Final report of the expert meeting regarding the technical intern training system (draft)


The basis for the final report of the Expert Council regarding the Technical Intern Training System, which is under consideration for review, was presented.

The framework of the new system will be to progressively dissolve the current technical intern training system in line with the actual situation, secure human resources in fields with labor shortages, and develop the specified skill No. 1 in basically three years of training through employment. It is recommended that a new system be created that aims to develop human resources with high skill levels, and that it be consistent with the specified skills system, which has taken measures to optimize the system.

Additionally, the following four points are indicated as the main direction of the review.

① Review the technical intern training system in line with the actual situation, such as creating a new system aimed at securing and developing human resources.

② In order for foreign human resources to choose Japan, we will clarify career paths by improving skills and knowledge step by step and establishing a system to objectively check the results, and smoothly transition from the new system to the specified skills system. Aiming for a successful transition

③ From the perspective of protecting the human rights of foreigners, we will allow the transfer of foreign nationals at their will under certain conditions, and will take measures such as stricter requirements for supervising organizations, registered support organizations, and accepting organizations, and clarification of the roles of related organizations. What to do

④ Aim to realize a symbiotic society with foreigners by creating a system to gradually improve the Japanese language skills of foreign personnel, in conjunction with efforts to improve the environment for accepting foreign personnel.

Details of the final report (tatakidai) can be found on the Immigration Services Agency website below.

The Council of Experts plans to compile a final report by the end of this year and submit it to Minister of Justice .

If you have any problems with various visa application procedures (work visa,spouse visa, permanent residence permit, etc.) and employment of foreigners, please feel free to contact us as the initial consultation is free.



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