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​​Visa Support Office Kumamoto  

Administrative Scrivener Shinichiro Inoue Office

Status of residence(VISA)

Establishment of corporation

Permits and licenses

Wills,inheritance procedures,

For foreigners to stay in Japan with peace of mind.

"kindness"is my motto.

Do you have any of the following concerns regarding your visa (status of residence)?

International marriage/spouse visa

​・I worried because there's an age difference.

・Is it okay if the relationship is short?

・I'm worried because my annual income is low.

・I can't write questions or reason statements well.

work visa

・How to establish a company in Japan and obtain a business manager visa.

・How to apply for a work visa when you hire a foreigner or find employment in Japan

・I don't have time to apply for a work visa

​・I applied for it myself, but it was rejected.

Permanent residence/naturalization 

・I'm worried about whether I meet the requirements.

・There are many documents for application.

・Have a traffic violation in the past

​・I can't write questions or reason statements well.

Specific skill worker visa

・procedures for specific skills are too complicated.

・Too many documents submitted for specific skills

・Communication with the Immigration Bureau is difficult.

・I want to proceed with the application smoothly.

​・There is no one nearby who is familiar with specific skills.

Please leave it to my office!

Advantages of our office


Kindness, Politeness and Promptness

I strive to be courteous and prepare documents so that the results are obtained smoothly after the application, and my customers are very happy with it.
My top priority is to provide friendly service to allay your concerns about applying for a status of residence.
My clients feel free to call me "Inoue-san" and treat me as an administrative scrivener who is easy to consult with.


Communication in English is possible

For foreign customers who are not comfortable with Japanese, you can communicate in English. We do our best to ensure that there are no differences in understanding due to language differences.


Uncompromising stance on obtaining visas

I will do my best to support you with my expertise so that you can obtain permission. In particular, when it comes to collecting important supporting materials and preparing application documents such as statements of reasons, I conduct thorough interviews and sufficient advance checks, and work with my clients to obtain a visa with an uncompromising attitude.


A network of reliable international administrative scriveners

I have a network of international administrative scriveners that I can rely on, and I strive to improve my skills every day by sharing each other's success and failure cases.
If a case is difficult based on my opinion alone, I will listen to the opinions of my colleagues through this network and maximize your chances of obtaining a visa.


Administrative scrivener who can provide labor and social insurance consulting

In order to continue employing foreign workers, simply obtaining a visa is not sufficient. Appropriate labor management is important to avoid rejection during renewal.

Even after obtaining a visa, it is important for foreign business owners who obtain a "Business Manager Visa" to carry out appropriate operational management, such as enrolling in appropriate social insurance.

Utilizing my many years of experience in employment/labor affairs and social insurance consulting, I provide ongoing support beyond visa acquisition through po
st-employment labor management and social insurance consulting.

Click here for my office's foreign employment advisory contract​>>


Easy-to-understand pricing structure and 3 support plans

At my office, my support fees are clearly disclosed so that customers can request visa applications with peace of mind.

I offer three support plans to suit each customer's needs: 「Full Support Plan」,「Standard Plan」and「Economy Plan」.

I offer special rates for companies that request support contracts on an ongoing basis or for customers who request support for multiple people at the same time.

Click here for support fees >>


Nationwide support, free consultation & recovery (re-application) available

①Free consultation before request
For customers who are considering requesting my office for support in applying for a status of residence, I provide a free consultation in advance.
If I think it would be difficult to obtain permission, I honestly communicate the risks to the customer, and then they can decide whether to request my office for support.

My office also supports online services, so I can support clients from far away nationwide by conducting online interviews using Zoom, etc., and applying for status of residence online.
*Permanent residence permit applications and naturalization applications cannot be applied online.

②Recovery (re-application) support
Although you can increase the visa approval rate by requesting my office, it is up to the Immigration Services Agency examiner to decide whether or not to grant permission.
Therefore, in the unlikely event that your visa application is rejected, I will investigate and analyze the reason for the rejection and re-apply free of charge. (For Full Support Plan/Standard Plan)
*Regarding re-application when permission is denied, if permission is denied due to customer's illegal activities, poor behavior, etc., or inconsistency with the information declared at the time of hearing, the application will not be eligible for free re-application.


Fulfilling follow-up service

For customers who request support from my office, I will continue to support them by providing free consultation regarding various visas even after they have obtained their visa.
I will also handle administrative procedures other than residence status and lifestyle consultations, and will connect you with various specialists and contact points as needed.

I have received positive feedback from my customers!

I have supported over 100 customers with administrative procedures, including visa work. I have received compliments from many customers.

↓ office ​information(VISA関係)

Procedure flow

①Book a consultation

​Please make a reservation using the inquiry form. (If you are in a hurry, you can also contact by phone.)

The first consultation is free.​

Please rest assured that there will be no sales activities after the consultation.


The time required for the review varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for.

Please rest assured that I will respond appropriately to the post-application review.


I will provide consultations and hearings either face-to-face or online.


I will also consider the relevant status of residence.

⑤Result notification

If permission is granted, I will receive the residence card and be responsible for handing it over to the customer.

In the unlikely event that your application is denied, I will investigate and analyze the reason for the denial and do my best to reapply.

③Request (contract)

If you agree, sign a contract, and pay the deposit, I will provide you with specific information on required documents and the expected application date.

④Document preparation/application

I will do the paperwork and preparation. I will inform you about the documents you need to prepare as necessary.

I will also submit the documents, so there is no need for you to go to the Immigration Bureau.

I will be in charge of everything from the first interview to receiving the final results.

Therefore, the number of reservations we can accept is limited, so please make your reservation as soon as possible.


お問い合わせ(Inquiry form)


For initial inquiries, please use the contact form if possible. (I will try to reply within the next day.)


〒862-0959 熊本市中央区白山2丁目9-4

TEL: 090-2964-2844/096-366-8820

送信ありがとうございました。(Thank you for your inquiry.)

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